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Manus grew up on a farm in Namibia and received his degree in Industrial Engineering at University of Pretoria in the late 90's. Manus went straight into systems consulting work, implementing ERP systems for medium to large manufacturing companies. In 2005 he grabbed an opportunity to start his own business in the coffee industry and together with his partner grew a national coffee franchise business in South Africa. Combining his systems consulting and entrepreneurial experience he helps clients with automating their business processes and 'dashboarding' their businesses. Manus is a creative mind. He loves nature, camping, jogging and lives with his wife and 3 children in rural South Africa.
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Mike doesn't mince his words and is pretty direct in this book. His advice is practical and right to the point. I drove 1600 km early in 2020 to take my eldest' car to her university where she got enrolled as a 1st year student for medicine - University of Cape Town. On advice from a friend I bought this audio-book and listened to it all the way down. One major lesson I learned from this book was to clearly define your values (not your company....yours!). See my values also on this website. I literally typed that up in 1 minute as I finished that chapter. Good read for any entrepreneur starting and growing a business.
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